Can an insurance company refuse to pay?

Can the insurance company refuse to pay? We are often asked if an insurance company can refuse to pay the claim of the insured. In this post, we summarize a case in which the insurance company refused to pay the claim of the creditor. In a case of Dubois c. Compagnie mutuelle d’assurances Wawanesa, 2015… View Article

The normally provident insured.

The normally provident insured – Taking legal action against insurers. “It is an established principle that the criterion of the “normally provident insured / assuré normalement prévoyant” is not to be taken into account until after a court has concluded that the omissions attributed to an insured person are sufficiently material to the appreciation of… View Article

Car theft insurance claim denied

Two court cases where car theft insurance claim denied to insurer First example where car theft insurance denied In the first case where car theft insurance is denied, it involves the case of Morin c. Axa Assurances Inc., 2007 QCCQ 14243. The insured alleges that his truck was stolen, and he makes his car insurance… View Article

Lying to Insurance Company and Home Insurance

Lying to Insurance Company – Home Insurance In another recent home insurance case revolved around lying to insurance company (Ouellet c. Promutuel du Littoral, 2015 QCCS 3053) there is a fire which completely destroys the house and all its contents. The insurer refuses to pay the insurance claim for the furniture and movable effects on… View Article

Car theft insurance Coverage and Insurance Claims

Car Theft Insurance Coverage and Insurance Claims In a recent case of car theft coverage and insurance law, namely Guy c. Bélair Direct, 2015 QCCQ 2520 (CanLII), the case involved the question of sincerity in the insured’s reporting of the theft of his car’s versus his insurers interpretation. The car was eventually found completely burnt… View Article