Lying to Insurance Company and Home Insurance

Lying to Insurance Company – Home Insurance In another recent home insurance case revolved around lying to insurance company (Ouellet c. Promutuel du Littoral, 2015 QCCS 3053) there is a fire which completely destroys the house and all its contents. The insurer refuses to pay the insurance claim for the furniture and movable effects on… View Article

Barn Insurance & Insurance Coverage

Barn Insurance & Insurance Coverage – How does your barn insurance tie into your insurance policy? In the case of Gosselin c. Promutuel Vaudreuil, 2009 QCCS 1944, an antique dealer and furniture maker, lost his barn in a fire. He was converting his barn into a storage place and showroom for his barn that was… View Article

Growing marijuana in an apartment & Insurance coverage.

Growing marijuana in an apartment & Insurance coverage. Suppose your tenant, without your knowledge, has set up a cannabis plantation in his rented apartment and is now growing marijuana in an apartment you rent out. Suppose also that those premises have now been destroyed by fire due to an electrical problem related to the operation of that… View Article

Safeguard Order

Safeguard Order – Home Insurance In cases against insurers, it is possible to ask the Court for a safeguard order to force the insurer to do certain things pending the hearing of the case on the merits, at trial. However certain cases show us that it is difficult to obtain such safeguard orders. In a… View Article

Home Insurance Law & Criminal Records

Home Insurance Law & Criminal Records When you are seeking home insurance coverage, you will be asked by the insurer “ if anybody living under your roof or having free access to the premises or property to be insured has been the object of criminal or civil proceedings or judgments ”. In a recent home insurance case… View Article