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Pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada, driving under the influence (DUI) has been stated a criminal offence.

The main offences of driving under the influence include:

  • driving a vehicle with impaired faculties (use of alcohol or drugs);
  • driving a vehicle with a rate of alcohol over 80 mg per 100 ml of blood;
  • care or control of a vehicle with impaired faculties.

DUI LawyerActs of care or control of a vehicle include some use of the car, or its parts, that may put the vehicle in motion. Assessing whether a situation constitutes an act of care or control can be a difficult task, which makes consulting a criminal lawyer all the more crucial for your defense.

You can also be charged for refusing to provide a breath or blood sample or to submit to physical coordination tests. If and when you are charged with any of these crimes, the most important thing to do is to immediately contact an experienced lawyer to defend you against such accusations.

In the advent that you are found guilty of any of these crimes, penalties of different duration (depending on the nature of the offence and the number of convictions within the previous ten years) will ensue. These penalties are:

  • revocation, or cancellation, of your licence (learner’s licence, probationary licence, driver’s licence);
  • suspension of the right to obtain one of the aforementioned licences (temporary non-issuance).

In order to obtain a new licence or lift a suspension, certain requirements must be met.

Criminal records follow individuals throughout their entire life. It goes without saying that a criminal record will have a deep and prolonged impact upon the life and livelihood of the individual, as well as the ability to travel, to rent a car or a home, to buy property and even start a new business. This said, make sure that you immediately consult a knowledgeable lawyer if and when the time comes.