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Conjugate Violence LawyersDomestic assault or violence, also known as spousal or partner assault, is a major concern in Quebec and one of the top priorities for police and prosecutors. Indeed, according to Statistics Canada, one out of every five violent offences is domestic in nature.

Domestic assault is the use of physical force with then intent to harm a spouse, child or cohabitant within a family or an intimate relationship. On top of being a crime perpetrated by assaults, threats and harassment, it is an act that has repercussions on the social, emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and financial planes (by controlling the victim’s income in order to remove his or her independence).

In Québec, like throughout Canada, activities are massively being carried out to raise awareness on the clear message of zero tolerance for domestic violence. A zero tolerance policy calls for police to inevitably lay a charge of assault when faced with a situation of domestic violence for which they have a reasonable doubt. Although this policy was designed to protect men and women from abusive partners, in some instances the rigid policy has done more bad than good, literally ruining lives and destroying marriages. Indeed, regardless of whether or not the complainant wishes to see the charges prosecuted in court, in most domestic assault cases the rigorous zero tolerance policy is applied.

This said, finding oneself in the middle of such a battle can be a distressing experience, to say the least, and turning to an experienced lawyer specialized in criminal law can ease things. But timely action is needed, as the moment that someone is faced with accusations of domestic assault, immediate conditions are enforced which will prevent the accused from coming into contact with his or her family members.

Do not forget that a criminal record is for life. In order to avoid this nightmare, make sure that you take matters into your own hands quickly and consult a knowledgeable lawyer.

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