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Assault & Aggravated Assault Lawyers MontrealMost acts of family violence in Canada are considered offences that can be punishable under the Criminal Code, and assault is a major one. In the advent of a domestic assault, the need for a criminal lawyer who will defend your rights and present your case clearly and efficiently to the court is urgent and imperative in the fair resolution of the matter.

Assault is an offence related to the use of physical violence, yet it is a false belief that assault must involve physical pain. You can actually be charged with assault for merely shoving someone or restraining him or her. In fact, there needn’t even be physical contact in order to be charged with assault. If the other person simply feels he or she is in danger of being harmed, you may be arrested and charged. Indeed, the simple act of intending, threatening or attempting to apply force is enough to be convicted.

There are three main types of assault:

  • assault causing bodily harm;
  • assault with a weapon;
  • aggravated assault.

Every one carrying, using or threatening to use a weapon (or an imitation thereof) or causing bodily harm is guilty and liable to imprisonment for a maximum duration of ten years. In the case of aggravated assault, the duration of the sentence will exceed ten years. Aggravated assault is seen in both domestic and non-domestic situations but is far less common than assault causing bodily harm or with a weapon. In order to be called as such, aggravated assaults require a severe degree of injury that is significantly more serious than in others types of assaults.

Whatever the case, know your rights, be informed, and be ready to contact an experienced lawyer specialized in criminal law in case of need.