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criminal lawyerCriminal lawyers deal with all areas related to criminal law and all offenses that fall under the Criminal Code. Here are the most common Criminal Code violations:

Drunk driving or DUI: DUI (driving under the influence), also known as impaired driving or driving while impaired occurs when someone operates a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level exceeding 0.08. A common offence facing many people who typically are not criminals. Bad choices affect everyone. However, there are many instances where charges can be beat or reduced because the police or prosecution cut corners or flawed in their investigation resulting in the violation of rights and unjust charges.

Assault: force intentionally used against a person, or threat to use force or a weapon against someone.

Tax fraud: Tax fraud ccurs when a person fraudulently evades from tax payments, in full or partially

Domestic violence or conjugal violence: what characterizes domestic violence or conjugal violence is the repetitive acts of psychological, verbal, physical or sexual abuse within a relationship.

Other violations to the Criminal Code include: harassment, manslaughter, sexual assault, vandalism, luring a minor over the internet, spreading hate on the internet and other hate crimes, internet fraud, participating in a riot, homicide, robbery, possession and trafficking of narcotics, illegal possession of firearms and many other crimes.

Regardless of the charges against you, finding a qualified, experienced, successful criminal defence lawyer, will improve your chances of a positive outcome.

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If you are arrested, be it a case of drunk driving, domestic violence, tax fraud or any other offense under the Criminal Code, do not make any statement until you have contacted a criminal defence lawyer, despite the insistence of the police. Call us at 514-840-0007 so that one of our criminal attorneys can take care of your situation as quickly as possible.

The criminal lawyers at Audet FG and Associates have dealt with hundreds of situations like yours. We are well equipped to help you when you need it most, charged with a criminal offence. We have defence lawyers specializing in criminal law that are equipped with the knowledge and experience of criminal law trials in Montreal courts that allow us to know how to defend you better than most other firms. Experts in criminal law and procedures involved we have 3 offices across the city to better serve you. Cases of drunk driving, assault or tax fraud can not be treated the same way. Each Criminal Code violation has its characteristics and each case has its particular set of circumstances that make meeting a criminal lawyer crucial to resolving your case. It is part of the role of the criminal lawyer handling your case to be familiar with all the particularities of your specific situation in order to assert your rights, regardless of the situation.

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When it comes to handling instances of criminal law, the situation must be taken seriously as early on as possible therefore it is best to use the services of an experienced lawyer. Criminal lawyers that do not have enough experience simply pose too high a risk for you to take chances. Defence strategies taken now will have a major impact on your life in the future, and so it is the duty of you and the criminal lawyer you choose to minimize the impact. Here’s how the criminal lawyers at Audet FG & Associés in Montreal can help you.

You have rights – No matter the situation you find yourself in, you have rights! That is why a criminal attorney from our firm is necessary, he/she will ensure that your rights are respected at all times in and out of court.

Representation in court – Our criminal lawyers are best to defend you in court. Our attorneys will find the best options and offer you the solutions that are the most beneficial and respectful of your defence.

Appropriate legal advice – Our criminal lawyers can also advise you on the proper strategies to take, as well as everything that must be considered when selecting a strategy. We will make sure that you understand your rights and the opportunities and risks involved in your case.

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The criminal attorneys at Audet FG & Associés are here to defend your rights and freedoms, regardless of your situation. Our criminal defence team in Montreal is here to provide you with an effective defense. Play it safe, it is your future; it is potentially your freedom. Call us to speak with one of our criminal defence lawyers today at 514-840-0007.

Montreal criminal defence lawyers, Audet FG and Associates, provide professional and personalized service in all major fields of Criminal law including: Penal Law, Highway Safety Code, Canadian Pardon and US Waiver.

When you are charged with a criminal offence, you will wonder what can a criminal defence lawyer can do for you. It is crucial that, as soon as possible, you contact a criminal defense attorney to have your rights respected and gain from the best possible defence. A criminal defense lawyer, practised criminal law in complex cases, will provide you with vital legal advice and represent you at every step of the court procedures. As criminal defence attorneys, one of our main strategies are to find flaws in the accuser’s charges and to use them to defending our clients.

Audet FG and Associates, Criminal Lawyers and Defence attorneys will represent you in court in a variety of cases regarding driving while under the influence, assault, mischief, theft, drugs, fraud, attempted murder, death threats, threats to cause bodily harm, possession of narcotics, sexual assault, firearms, possession of a prohibited weapon and numerous other violations of criminal or penal law.

Our team of attorneys can help you in all Criminal Law, Penal Law, Highway Safety Code, Canadian Pardon and US Waiver. Contact our lawyers in criminal and penal law to get more information Call us to speak with one of our criminal defence lawyers today at 514-840-0007.

Criminal Law Charges Include:

• Fraud or Wrongdoing
• Shoplifting
• Robbery, Theft or Concealment
• Handling of Stolen Goods
• Possession of Stolen Goods
• Assault
• Uttering Death Threats
• Stalking or Criminal Harassment
• Attempted Murder
• Breaking And Entering
• Domestic Violence
• Forcible Confinement
• Indecent Act
• Firearms and Prohibited Weapon
• Criminal Dangerous Driving
• Driving Under Influence ( DUI )
• Impaired Driving
• SAAQ Summary Assessment
• Drug Possession
• Drug trafficking
• Drug production or growth
• Failure to Comply with a Condition
• Obstruction of Justice
• Public Mischief
• Plea Bargaining
• Representation in court
• Appeal Trial
• Appeal of the decision
• Canadian Pardon
• Application for Record Suspension
• Waiver to Go to USA

Penal Law, Highway Safety Code Charges Include:

• Reckless Driving
• Dangerous Driving
• Speeding and excessive speed
• Car Surfing
• Hit And Run
• Using Cell Phone While Driving
• Traffic Tickets
• Tickets to truckers
• Restricted Drivers Licence
• Demerit Points
• Release from Seizure
• Judgment Retraction or Revocation