The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates can answer all your real estate law related questions and advise you wisely.

When it comes to real estate law, the lawyers at Audet FG & Associates can make you benefit from their expertise developed over 30 years in Montreal. Before becoming tangles in real estate litigations, let yourself be advised and represented by experienced lawyers.

The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates offer all services in real estate law.

At Audet FG & Associates, our lawyers handle everything related to real estate:

  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Latent defects
  • Purchase and sale of properties
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Professional liability

In what ways can the lawyers at Audet FG & Associates help in real estate law?

When you become our client, it is with dedication that we strive to make you a satisfied individual.

We study your case thoroughly, answer your real estate law questions, determine what your specific needs are and find solutions that best meet those needs. Whether these solutions require a representation in court, arbitration or a settlement, our legal advisors in real estate law make every effort necessary to achieve satisfactory results that respect your rights.

Audet FG & Associate: real estate lawyers working for you

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