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family lawAudet FG & Associates in Montreal is a team of effective attorneys specializing in family law. Family disputes are very challenging for all concerned, something we are very sensitive to. That is why our team of lawyers offers personalized service whenever settling a family dispute so that everything goes well for you and your case is settled with minimum friction. Our specialized family lawyers are well equipped to recognize your needs and help you get through your ordeal.

At Audet FG & Associates, you will be represented by lawyers experienced in family law. Our attorneys are compassionate and will show you the most viable solutions for you. Regardless of your family situation, let our family law practice put our expertise developed over the past 30 years to work for you.

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Audet FG & Associates, lawyers specialized in family law in Montreal

Family law is a part of civil law that deals with all matters relating to family issues including marriage, divorce, child custody (shared custody), succession, and child support. Family law governs the relations between family members.

In family law, our experienced team of lawyers can represent you for the following matters:

Divorce: when consensus is no longer possible, it is best to hire an attorney

Divorce is probably one of the biggest events in family life for most people. Many disputes can arise, often breaking any agreement that may have previously existed between the spouses. Our team of lawyers is can advise you and ensure that your interests are protected.

Child support: to avoid headaches, consult a family lawyer

In regards to child support, family law establishes that the children of a couple going through divorce continue to enjoy the financial resources of both parents. Through child support, both parents are required to continue to provide for their children and this is where many disputes can arise. The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates in Montreal represent you so that your rights are respected.

Succession, estates and inheritance: to avoid and resolve conflicts, seek advice from an attorney

Many disputes regarding estates may occur and quickly escalate. The execution of the last will and testament can then find itself blocked, preventing the heirs from enjoying their family heritage. The attorneys at Audet FG & Associates in Montreal will try to work with you and your family to determine the best solution possible. We can also guide and advise our clients in managing their family inheritance.

Audet FG & Associates: lawyers in family law in Montreal, to win your case

Whether you are struggling with conflict as part of a divorce, child support, shared or alternating custody or succession, the experienced family lawyers at Audet FG & Associates will represent you in any family law matter. You will enjoy more than 30 years of expertise to make your case a winning cause. Do not hesitate, contact us today!