Audet FG & Associates, a specialized law firm ready to advise and represent you in corporate law, commercial litigation and labour law.

Corporate and labour law: turn to experienced lawyers for sound advice

The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates in Montreal offer legal services in corporate and labour law, to business people and companies in Montreal, Quebec.

Our corporate lawyers and labour lawyers represent and advise our clients who are from various backgrounds: from employees, to young entrepreneurs to business leaders. We answer all of their legal questions to help them make better decisions in their matters related to labour and business. In litigation issues, we represent and negotiate for our clients making sure that their rights are respected.

We have developed a strong expertise in the field and we can help you effectively on the following issues:

  • Business registration
  • Contracts
  • Labour relations and rights
  • Shareholder rights
  • Third party liability

Our team of attorneys can help you in all labour and commercial law issues, including:

  • Business purchase and sale
  • Business contracts
  • Funding
  • Incorporating
  • Franchise agreements
  • Commercial litigation
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Complaints from « La Commission des Normes du Travail »

In case of commercial litigation, turn to our corporate lawyers in order to be represented by experienced professionals.

We can help resolve commercial litigation issues with the most advantageous solutions for you. Regardless of your situation, for example breach of contract litigation, business purchase/sale litigation, litigation between franchisors and franchisees, etc, we have helped Montreal businesses, like yours, for over 30 years.

For professional advice in labour and corporate law or to resolve a commercial litigation issue, the lawyers at Audet FG & Associates are here to help.

At Audet FG & Associates, our corporate and labour lawyers will work with you tirelessly in order to get you the best results possible. Call us today at (514) 840-0007.