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Civil law in Quebec

Civil Law

Civil law covers any type of legal action that is not related to illicit activities or breaking the law. The civil lawyer works to find resolutions to issues unconnected to criminal activities like disagreements concerning the definition of contracts, divorce and separation, property ownership, custody disputes, and compensation sought for personal or material loss or damage. A civil lawyer deals with cases that encompass private individuals, businesses and sometimes governmental agencies.

Civil law, as opposed to Common law, is the legal system followed in the province of Quebec. While the two have similar histories, the main cause of difference between common and civil law are their places of origin. Common law is the legal system which was first created in England and used in most English speaking countries around the world. In Canada, Quebec is the only province which follows the system originating in France – Civil law.

Civil law in Quebec is based on Romanistic legal origins and stems in the province’s roots with French culture. Quebec’s civil law is based on statutes and legislations versus common law, which is based on case law as well as statutes and legislation.

Civil litigation lawyers in Montreal – Audet FG and Associates

For over 30 years as civil litigation lawyers in Montreal, Audet FG and Associates has the familiarity and the team needed to ensure your proper representation. With three offices across the island of Montreal to best serve your needs, Audet FG and Associates is one of the most recognized and hard working civil law firms in the city.

There are many situations that may lead to civil law cases and the different circumstances may require various branches of civil law. The branches of civil law are family law, divorce law, consumer law, international law, labour law, Real estate law, commercial law, sports law, tax law, entertainment law and personal disputes such as defamation, assault, and negligence.

Audet FG and Associates, Montreal civil litigation lawyers, provide professional and personalized service in all major matters of civil law including:

Filing a civil lawsuit in Quebec

Civil law proceeds differently from criminal law in that the objective is not to prove innocence or guilt. Instead, civil law seeks to determine responsibility in the matter. The parties are labelled “the plaintiff” – the party that is filing the lawsuit and who is often seeking damages; and “the defendant” – the party being sued. A civil law trial most often does not require a jury and can be settled out of court or in an informal hearing.

The intricate workings of civil litigation are the specialty of any civil lawyer. Audet FG and Associates have represented residents of Montreal and the surrounding areas in civil law in thousands of cases – amassing en expertise that will not only significantly increase your chances of winning but also make the whole process a lot easier.

Montreal Civil lawyers: Audet FG and Associates

Having to settle a dispute in court is a difficult situation for any person. The emotions involved and the fear of losing your civil law case can make the strain unbearable for most. For this reason, do not chance your case with just any civil lawyer. Audet FG and Associates have the experience, the professionalism and the dedication to win your case and have the least impact on you during the civil litigation process.

Family law

    Family law is the part of civil law that deals with all matters relating to family issues. Family law governs the relations between family members. Our specialized family law attorneys are well equipped to recognize your needs and help you get through. Be sure that you will be represented by lawyers experienced in family law. Our attorneys will select 2the most viable solutions for you.

    In the field of family law, our experienced team of lawyers can represent you for a variety of situations including marriage, divorce, child custody (Shared or alternating child custody), child support, succession, estates and inheritance.

    Let our Montreal family law attorneys put their expertise developed over the past 30 years to work for you.


When you are facing difficult situations such as divorce and separation, you need legal advice and representation that you can trust. The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates are specialized divorce attorneys with years of experience in divorce procedures, in family law, in property division as well as in the rights of the concerned parties and their children.

Our Montreal divorce attorneys will work to ensure that your interests are protected and that your divorce procedures are the least stressful and damaging experience possible for you and your family. Our law firm will negotiate for you in order for your divorce or separation to lead to a satisfactory situation regarding child support, custody of the children and division of belongings. You will benefit from the expertise of our team of divorce attorneys whether you require representation in negotiations or in divorce court.

Personal injury and medical malpractice

    When you are the victim of a personal injury or a medical malpractice, your rights can easily be violated by big corporations and their insurance companies. To avoid receiving an unfair compensation, make sure that you get the advice of our best lawyers specialized in personal injury law.

    In Montreal, Audet FG & Associates injury law office boasts over 30 years of experience helping people like you receive favorable judgments in personal injury, medical malpractice and birth injury cases.
    Our attorneys, specialized in personal injury law, have won hundreds of personal injury, birth injury and medical malpractice cases. Our lawyers have developed an expertise in assisting victims. Our goal is to do everything in our power so that you receive a fair compensation.

    Insurance lawyers

If you’re experiencing difficulty in getting your rightful compensation from your insurance company, do not hesitate. Communicate with Audet FG and Associates in Montreal today. One of our expert lawyers in insurance law will know exactly how to help you.

The insurance attorneys of Audet FG and Associates in Montreal have a long list of experience and skills. Our insurance lawyers treat insurance litigation dealing with determination of responsibility, accident insurance, disability insurance and life insurance, to name a few examples. If you feel that your rights have been violated because your insurer is withholding compensation that is rightfully yours, do not hesitate to contact our law firm.

With over 30 years of experience in insurance law, our Montreal law firm and our insurance attorneys are able to transform a seemingly complicated insurance litigation process into a resolution that adequately covers the damages suffered.
Involved in a car crash?

If you have been the victim of a road accident in Quebec and the indemnity you are expecting from the SAAQ (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) seems insufficient to you, our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and litigating compensation judgements for car crash victims.

As a car crash or other road accident victim, you have the right to compensation for loss of work, damages and medical treatment not covered by health care (for example, physiotherapy). The attorneys at Audet FG and Associates have experience getting our clients the judgements they deserve from the SAAQ. Contact us today to get what you deserve!

Real Estate Law

    Before becoming tangles in real estate litigations, let yourself be advised and represented by experienced real estate lawyers. The lawyers at Audet FG & Associates can answer all your real estate law related questions and provide the best advice and solutions.

    Our real estate attorneys handle everything related to real estate:
    • Construction
    • Latent defects or hidden defects
    • Purchase of properties
    • Sale of properties
    • Real estate brokerage
    • Professional liability

    Our attorneys will study your real estate case thoroughly, answer your real estate law questions, determine what your specific needs are and find solutions that best meet those needs. Whether these solutions require a representation in court, arbitration or a settlement, our legal advisors in real estate law make every effort necessary to achieve satisfactory results that respect your rights.

    Corporate and labour law:

The attorneys at Audet FG & Associates in Montreal offer legal services in corporate and labour law, to business people and companies in Montreal, Quebec. Our law firm is ready to advise and represent your business in all matters related to corporate law, commercial litigation and labour law.
Our corporate lawyers and labour attorneys represent and advise our clients and answer all of their legal questions to help them make better decisions in all matters related to labour and business. In litigation issues, we represent and negotiate for our clients making sure that their rights are respected.
For professional advice in labour and corporate law or to resolve a commercial litigation issue, the lawyers at Audet FG & Associates are here to help.