Personal Injury, a bicycle accident lawyer and compensation.

The victim, a pedestrian who has fallen off their bicycle. In a case of Jodoin-Paradis c. St-Hyacinthe (Ville de), 2015 QCCQ 11722, a woman fell off her bicycle on a bicycle path belonging to the city sustaining a personal injury. The judge finds the city liable to pay damages and describes the premises of the… View Article

Bodily injury and compensation.

Bodily injury and compensation: Basic Rules The Civil code in articles 1614 and 1615 establishes rules concerning compensation of bodily injury. In regards future aspects of the prejudice, we have to refer to the actuarial rates prescribed by the “ Regulation under article 1614 of the Civil Code respecting the discounting of damages for bodily injury,… View Article

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is the way in which the Courts compensate for negligent behaviour. Personal injury to the complainant must be the result of a fault on the part of the Debtor. Successful personal injury cases are attained when the debtor had a situation of a trap that could not be foreseen nor avoided. In… View Article